The Happy Elephant

Have you always wanted to ride an elephant through the jungle? The huge gentle giant that could easily carry you, and a loved one with ease and make you feel like royalty? Are you thinking that you’ll feel oh so connected to the elephant as you ride along… while he or she is in pain? I urge you to think before going to ride an elephant while you are on your travels. They are not designed to carry us, even though you may think they look this way.



While I was travelling in Thailand this fall I had the amazing opportunity to visit an elephant sanctuary. The care these men showed to the elephants, and to us visitors made the day that much more special.

Looking into the eyes of these elephants you could see that they were happy elephants. And in turn, that made me really really happy as well. Taking others happiness into consideration is amazing for your soul, and I loved making these elephants happy.

The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai Thailand is one of the original sanctuaries for elephants. They rescue elephants from riding camps and teach them to have a happy life again. Playing with one another, eating food that we prepare for them, playing in the mud and the water. It is a joyous site that is engraved in my memory, and I feel so blessed to have been able to witness this. It was truly one of the happiest, and most memorable days of my life. I was so lucky to have shared it with my best friend, and new amazing friend we met on our travels. Memories like these are not ones to be taken for granted.

I hope you enjoy some of these photos from the best day ever! If you are ever in Chiang Mai make sure you take the time to go to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary!

I hope your day is happy<3


Gabby xo


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