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The universal symbol of happiness is a smile on someones face. We all want to be able to give our best smile and feel confident while doing so, so implementing a quality mouth cleaning regime is so important!

I am going to be talking about some tips to keep a clean and healthy mouth so you can show everyone your best smile! I didn’t go to the dentist for 15 years (terrible I know!!), and I was super pleasantly surprised this past fall that I had zero issues in my mouth!! So natural mouth care DOES work!

Tip # 1: Switch to a all natural tooth paste! Kick fluoride to the curb! It actually will not improve your teeth. There are actually more cases of people having fluorosis from over consumption of fluoride since adding it to our drinking water and toothpaste. Our bodies have a difficult time naturally breaking this down, and it will actually show on your teeth (your teeth can become spotted, yellow or brown…). That’s just the effect it has on our teeth…not to mention our endocrine system, digestive system, structural…. So I suggested switching to an all natural toothpaste!

Tip # 2: Choose toothpastes and mouth washes with Neem, clove or tea tree. These are all antibacterial and fantastic for your mouth! Neem and Clove have fantastic reviews of helping with gum disease and fighting off cavities.

Tip # 3: Oil Pull. Using coconut oil every day to oil pull can help to bring toxins out of your mouth! Start with a glob of coconut oil in your mouth and just start swishing it around. It will be difficult at first to get used to… so start with a a minute or two and work your way up to 20 minutes! Never ever swallow it though! You’ll be swallowing all those toxins you just pulled out of your teeth and gums!

Tip # 4: Chew xylitol gum: Xylitol has shown to be help keep bacteria away from your teeth. It helps to bring the PH levels of your mouth up, and bacteria can not live in an alkaline environment.

Tip # 5: Eat alkalizing foods. If your diet is high in veggies and greens then your PH level in your body is going to be higher. This is going to contribute to less bacteria being able to grow in your mouth.

Tip # 6: Get a tongue cleaner! You can find one of these at your local health food store, and its a must! You’ll be shocked by the amount of gunk that comes off your tongue! 

What about Activated charcoal for teeth whitening? There are mixed reviews on whether or not charcoal can whiten your teeth. I’ve been using it and I do notice a difference. Its not drastic, but its been helping! Tip: Use your tongue cleaner to get the charcoal off your tongue after you are done brushing! 

Those are some of my tips to having a naturally healthy mouth! I hope you are able to implement some of them into your daily routine!

Gabby xo

And we all live healthy and happily ever after <3

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