Bring on the New Year!

Happy New Year!! Wooo! And welcome to my blog! My very first post!! I am very excited for you to be starting your New Year with me, and finding your true utter happiness in 2017!

Being January first, this is the perfect day to begin a new. You know the typical New Year New You? Its actually a really good idea. Why not take the start of the New Year as a perfect way to start a new? To make a pact with yourself to make strides towards your ultimate happiness in 2017! Take the lessons you have learned in 2016 and use them to propel you forward into this new year full of success!

Everything you do in life should be leading towards one thing… Happiness.

You want to lose weight, get a new job, buy a new house, learn to cook… all these things are to bring you happiness. So when you are creating your vision boards for 2017 I want you to put right in the middle HAPPINESS, and keep this in mind during your journey to all your goals this year.

This is my goal for 2017…
To find my true blue happiness, and help all of you find yours as well!

I want to fill my life with as much purple as possible. In case you didn’t read my about section…

This blog is all about helping you find your personal Purple Life Hacks. The color purple is linked to our Crown Chakra, which is what connects us to our spirituality, joy,and happiness. So I want to help you find your list of personal hacks that will help you to always be happy. Always wake up and be able to see the sun shining and birds singing. Through Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle you can find your personal Purple Life Hacks.

So how should you start out your year to get you on the right track? First off, you’re going to want to sign up to my mailing list so you never miss one of my blogs! (wink wink)

  • I recommend getting a journal to jot down notes. I am going to be providing you with plenty of hacks that you can utilize in your day to day life. Writing them down will give you a list to refer to, but also make them stick in your brain even more. Get a pretty notebook that will inspire you! (Winners has so many adorable ones, that’s where I find all of mine!)

  • Its time to set your intention for the year (*cough* happiness *cough cough*) What do you want to send out into the Universe? A positive thought that you want to send forward for your year. Write it down. Set it in stone and meditate on it. This is what you are working towards for the year.
  • Now you need to set some goals. Want to get in shape for your wedding? Open a business? Travel the world? Amazing! Write it downnn! I am such a strong believer in writing everything down. So that you never forget, and so that you are making a personal promise to yourself. You don’t want to let yourself down now do you? Get an agenda/planner/journal to write everything down in. I am obsessed with my new planner, and always have a stack of notebooks all on the go for different uses!

A great way to start out goal setting:
  1. Set your Big Goal! What are you wanting to accomplish this year? Write about this as your first entry to start out your year, this way you can revisit this as often as you need!
  2. Set some medium goals that will help you get to your Big goal. Some ideas could be; running a 10km race, taking a business course, saving up enough money for a tool for your new venture.
  3. Have a section in your planner to write down daily and weekly goals. Accomplishing these small goals will keep your momentum going to crush your big goals! And they will all add up and help with accomplishing this goal as well. Examples: Performing 10 consecutive push-ups, re-writing your resume, keeping your cell phone off for a few hours a day to get some work done.

Right now is also the perfect time to organize your self. Creating a stress free environment to welcome the new year is an amazing gift to yourself. You will be more productive, and the negative energy of clutter (whether it be an old drawer, or just organizing your days better) will be lifted off your shoulders. Make a list (big list fan over here!) of everything in your life that needs more organization and take this first week of January to get it done! You will be thanking yourself later!

 [Filing cabinets off kijiji I spruced up!]

Its always a great time to start taking charge of your life! Right now though with the beginning of the New Year, and with everyone’s positive energy flowing up to the Universe it is an excellent time to get yours going as well. Take this opportunity to reflect on the past, and move forward with your head held high, positive energy flowing and plenty of gumption!

2017, this will be the best year ever. Because WE are ALL going to take action to make it so.

Gabby xo



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  1. Jayne
    January 2, 2017 / 12:05 am

    This is so awesome!! I can’t wait to see more and more!

  2. Mary-Ellen
    January 2, 2017 / 8:15 pm

    Congrats on this Gabby. Inspired to start my own life hacks!

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