Blue Moon Goals

Once in a Blue moon… We’ve all said this before right? Blue moons are a real thing, very rare, but real! A blue moon is when you get 2 full moons in 1 month.

We’re getting a Blue moon on January 31st! TONIGHT! Blue moons happen only once ever 3-5 years. Something even more rare…. Were getting a Blue moon on March 31st as well! This is even more rare. The last time we had a double blue moon was 1999.

Going to pump up this moon a little more. We are getting a lunar eclipse on January 31st, and it’s a supermoon.

Utilizing the energy the moon is giving us this week would definitely be to your advantage. Being on the last day of the month; using this to catapult you forward into February full of positive energy and the spirit to conquer your dreams.

How can you utilize the moon?

  • Today is a day to DO! It’s a day of magic, a day to work on things you have been putting off, tasks that seem daunting or too hard… get to work on them today and utilize this energy to get to work!
  • Did you make some New Years Resolutions? Fall flat already? Or maybe you didn’t but you need to revisit them? Today is the BEST day to do so!!

Write them down with intent. Be realistic. Make a plan! Take the time tonight FOR YOU and set up a plan of action to make your goals happen. It’s worth it, and the energy of the moon will help to set you up for success.

I am going to be revisiting the goals I wrote on January 1st and working out a new plan of action. Now that the new year has settled in I feel I can be more realistic with my time and efforts.

  • Today is a take charge day. Go after what you want. Take chances. Be bold.
  • Your intuition will be heightened today! Trust your gut, and make decisions today.

In March you get a second go at this as well. If you weren’t prepared to take part today, don’t fret!

For me… I am going to use tonight to revisit my goals, and March to do it all again! Constantly rejigging, re-reading and coming up with a new action plans is a good thing! We are constantly learning and finding our way… and implementing lessons we have learned along the way will help to make all your dreams and visions come true!

I hope you enjoy the moon! This is an emotional energy filled month… so just remember that when people may seem a little off… don’t blame them, look to the moon!

Somethings you can do (And I will be tonight FOR SURE):

  • Charge your crystals, stones, jewelry.
  • Release what you want to set free
  • Put your good intentions out there. Set those goals. Create a vision board. Journal… Make sure the universe knows what you want.
  • Meditate.

Have a great Blue Moon Day everyone!!


And we all lived healthy and happily ever after <3 

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