2017 wrap up. Where have I been?

Where have I been? I wrote in my last blog that I would update…. So whats been keeping me so busy and away from Purple Life Hack? Also… what did I learn to share from this…

First of…I’m sorry (to whom ever reads this haha)

Since I last posted in May a lot has happened:

  • I went to Europe! Mike and our friend Stephanie and I flew to London, bussed to Paris.. spent time at Disneyland Paris… went to Brussels, Amsterdam and London… and did the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Brussels took all of us by surprise. Never has it been on my radar for a place to visit, but it was on the way to Amsterdam. oh my goodness. Its amazing. Gorgeous, great people, amazing night life… WILL go back!






I definitely want to spend more time in Europe & the U.K in the upcoming future!! REALLY want to go to Portugal, and want to go to Ireland even more (I dream of going on a Fairy hunt!)



While in Europe I also heard from my dream job company  whom I had been interviewing with for 3 months…. Totally bawled my face off and it has completely changed my life. This was a very large part of my stepping back on social media. I needed to invest my soul into learning this new role, and I am so happy I feel like it is seeping out of my pores.


Seeing as I am now a big girl I moved out of my dads place and in with my fiancé in the end of May… such a huge change but I LOVE our little nest. We just keep adding to it and making it more and more… well DISNEY! 


    I traveled to Nashville in August with the best team in the world!


Mike and I went to Hong Kong in September to visit Hong Kong Disney Land. We had purchased annual passes last year and wanted to use them again before they expired! Oh my goodness I love Hong Kong. 100% a place I will return, recommend and I could totally see myself living there! I love that there is so much city and hustle and bustle, but also gorgeous nature to hike around in. Mike and I have done some unforgettable hikes while in Hong Kong. We are going to wait till the expansions are finished in Hong Kong Disneyland and then 100% returning!!! If you are worried about language barriers there as well DON’T! Almost everyone speaks a little English.

In November I went to Vermont with once again the best team in the world!

In December Mike and I went to California to go to Disney land for the first time!!! The original park!! I was amazed by how easy it was to find fresh good for you foods while in California. Even withing Disney there were healthier and vegan options.


That brings us to now. With so much to look forward to in the new year. So much to share. SOO much to learn and grow from.

The happy take away point…  Sometimes you need to learn what things in your life need to total focus. What things you need to step away from for the time being in order to sort your life out and work on different projects. Things happen for a reason… and things will be there waiting for you when you return! Trust your gut and your heart and in the end you will find happiness with your choices.

I can’t wait to share the rest of 2018 with you!

And we all live healthy and happily ever after <3

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