Being Happy during your Period.

This post is for my lady readers… sorry guys! Its all about periods! Our favorite time of the month.

For some of you girls this time doesn’t phase you much. You don’t deal with pain, or cramps… maybe a bit of bloating and that’s it. Now for some it is the total opposite! Terrible pain, mood swings, heavy flow, acne… it can be a pretty tough week! I want to give you a few tricks on how to improve your cycle, and also some tricks to be able to deal with it a little more easily.

It is possible to make your period suck less! Often when you are having terrible PMS it is from an in-balance of your hormones which can be from deficiencies.

B6- Vitamin B6 is often lacking in women with PMS. It is the precursor to many biochemical responses in the body, including with dopamine and serotonin. Try eating more foods with B6 (Salmon, grass fed beef, tuna, walnuts, bananas, sweet potatoes and spinach), or include a B complex vitamin into your routine (unless otherwise stated by your doctor).

Healthy Fats Getting enough healthy fats in your diets is crucial for optimal hormone production. Eating 3 servings of salmon a week will help with this, more nuts, olive oil, flax seed oil, avocado, or taking a fish oil supplement.

Magnesium- Wonder why you’re craving chocolate during your period? You may be deficient in magnesium. This can also be helpful with your cramps! Take an epsom salt bath, have some apple cider vinegar on your salad, or reach for some good quality dark chocolate. You can also try a magnesium supplement (unless otherwise stated by your doctor)

Stay off the scale, and drink a ton of water- Its normal.. you’re going to bloat and the scale could go up. Keep yourself sane and just stay off the scale! This is just going to beat you up inside and the goal is to stay happy! Drinking lots of water will help to keep the bloat down!

Track your period- Its easy to just let it come and go as it does and not know when to expect it. Tracking your period will allow you to mentally prepare.

Move- Its easy to let your period drag you down and have you laying around in bed, but you should get up and do something! Get your endorphin’s and dopamine flowing so that you will be happier. You may not be smashing your heaviest sets in the gym or running as fast as usual… don’t beat yourself up about it and be happy that you moved!

Take some me time- This is the perfect time period to do something for yourself. Take a bath, get your nails done, go to the movies, go out with your girl friends, go out to a nice dinner… Treat yourself because you deserve it! It is after all… YOUR time of the month. 😉

Thanks for reading ladies, I wish you all the happiest times of the month <3

Gabby xox

And we all live healthy and happily ever after <3



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