The pursuit of happiness

When I was thinking of who to ask to guest blog for me, Attila came to mind quite quickly. Living in the spur of the moment, and always chasing his dream Attila is an amazing friend to have around. He is always seeing a ray of sunshine in any situation, and really valuing true love. When Attila met his now fiance, it was clear that she was the one. Not letting their distance be a burden, he had no issue uprooting his life to be with her. It doesn’t matter with Attila where he is… he will find happiness where ever he ends up… especially now with Nicole!
Both heading out to the West Coast of Canada to chase their dreams, they are the perfect couple to look up to. He recently got accepted into the Canadian Army, which was a dream of Attila’s and just proves that a positive and happy attitude will help bring you in the correct direction in life. Thank you Attila for always being so easy going, easy to talk to, and a positive light in any conversation I, and I am sure anyone else will have with you. 
Here are a few words Attila shared for everyone to read, thank you so much for sharing! 


I have traveled the world and have met a lot of people from all walks of life. While I was in London I met a Green Beret solider he told me this quote “cheerfulness in the face of adversity” he said no matter how bad the situation is there’s always a silver lining. While traveling through Thailand I had the opportunity to be blessed by a Thai monk. Seeing how happy they were with very little really got me thinking. Do I really need all these things in my life? Things will only give you a glimmer of happiness after a week or 2 the excitement and happiness is gone. Happiness is experiencing and trying new things. Happiness comes from seeing the bright side of the worst situation. Happiness is knowing the best is yet to come. Life is too short to be unhappy and not to take risks. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, take risks, travel the world, meet new people your life will be so much more enriched. Have I found Nirvana? Not yet but I’m sure enjoying the journey.

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Thanks so much for reading!

Gabby xox

And we all live Healthy and Happily ever after <3


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