Start your day off with a sweat!

The New Year is upon us! This is your year to make those resolutions and have them really stick! This is your year to conquer your goals, and be the happiest version of you possible. Its time to start new routines and set yourself up with some great habits.

Its true what all those memes say… you’ll never regret doing the workout once its done, but you certainly will regret never doing the workout in the first place. Its time to start scheduling in some activity into your day. Starting your day off with some movement is the perfect way to set your day off to be a successful one for many reasons!

  • You’ll be able to go through your day feeling good about yourself for accomplishing your workout. Whether its in your bedroom, outside, in a gym, in a pool… congratulate yourself for doing it!
  • Your endorphin’s from the workout will be flowing giving you a happier start to your day.
  • If you are a gym goer, they are often much less busy in the morning before work than in the evening after work!
  • Getting a good sweat is detoxifying! Sweating out the toxins that may have settled in your sleep is very beneficial.
  • Getting in a workout in the morning will energize you for the day.
  • There are even benefits to working out in a fasted state (which I will be delving into in great detail in an up coming post!)

Get out your journals and your alarm clocks out and start scheduling in some time for yourself. It may be a little bit tricky at first getting up earlier, but it will become a habit, and you’ll be bummed when you have to miss your routine! I am excited to hear from all of you about your new morning routines!

Gabby xo


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