Getting Stronger!

You are a strong and capable human being! You can do things for yourself and there is no need to rely on anyone else! This is the year for you to work on building on your emotional, spiritual and also physical strength. For your physical strength there is always room to improve, no matter what fitness level you are at.

When you are working towards fitness and goals that are bigger than just weight loss, this is when you will start achieving those amazing victories. The victories that will make you feel amazing right down to your core, and amazingly happy. Those goals like squatting a heavier weight, running a further distance, or getting stronger with your push-ups!

Today I am going to give you a few tips on getting those push-ups stronger!!

Working on your push-ups will strengthen your chest, shoulders, arms, core, and even legs! It is a full body exercise that should be practiced!

It will also strengthen your confidence! Being able to rep out push-ups will give you more personal strength!


Tip #1: Make sure you are keeping your core tight and sucked in towards your core. Your shoulders tracked over your wrists, neck neutral, and your legs nice and straight, and muscles contracted.

Tip #2: There is nothing wrong with performing your push-ups from your knees. Everyone starts somewhere, and starting from your knees will build you up to doing your push-ups form your toes! If you are doing them from your knees make sure you are bringing your hips down with you as well. Do not pump down from your shoulders, bring down your whole body!

Tip #3: Play with your stance. Having your hands wider than shoulder width is easier, and will work on more of the outside of your chest. Shoulder width push-ups will work more of the inside of your chest, and shoulders. When your hands are close together (diamond shape) this is a harder stance and will work your triceps more! It is important to do all three! Strengthen all different areas of your upper body!

Tip #4: Use elevation. There are a few different ways you can add in elevation to your push-ups to increase your over all strength.

  • Adding both your hands on a bench, or chair, or stool… This will help with the inner portion of your chest. It is also an easier stance to help build up your push-up strength.
  • Place your feet on a bench, so you are in a decline position. This will help with the lower section of your chest. This is a more challenging position.  You can place your knees on the bench to make this easier.
  • Place one of your hands on a book, or yoga block, or something to create a bit of elevation for one hand. This will help isolate one side of your body, which will help avoid weakness on one side of the body. Having Balance is important. You can do this with a wide hand stance, shoulder width or narrow, and also from your knees or toes.

Tip #5: Drop to your knees! If you can only do a few on your toes, but have a certain amount of push-ups you want to hit… do what you can on your toes and then drop down to your knees and finish off strong!

Some great ways to slowly build up your push-up strength:

  • Every other day make a point to work on your push-ups. Either do it when you wake up, before bed or tack it on to your workout.
  • Have a goal! An amount of push-ups you would like to perform consecutively is a great one! You could also have an amount of push-ups you would like to do within a certain amount of sets (5 sets of 10). Also within the different forms of push-ups.
  • Each time you go to work on them, strive to do better than the last time! Whether it be less rest time, more push-ups, more sets, deeper push-ups… its all progress!
  • Make sure to track your progress so you know what to work on each time you go to work on your push-ups.


What are some of your strength goals? Ready to rep out some Push-ups with me?

Gabby x0x

And we will all live healthy and happily ever after <3




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